London, that was special, thank you. Thanks also to...

London, that was special, thank you. Thanks also to @southbankcentre for having us and most importantly to everyone who filled that beautiful hall to watch us perform Jettison. Creating this project has been quite the journey for us. Little did we know when we began writing it what challenges lay ahead. But somehow all these challenges have made the Jettison project something bigger in our hearts. It’s come represent companionship, resilience, commitment, healing. Its come to mean more to us now than we think it ever would have through a less challenging time. And at the centre of it all are the people who unwaveringly support us, keep us inspired and encourage us to progress, our fans. You’re wonderful people and we love you all.
We’ve so many people to personally thank for helping us with Jettiosn but that’s for another post once we’ve all rested and done our post tour washing. In the meantime though a special shout out to @arco_stringquartet @samwiehl @fohbrian93 @aimee_wilamsun @_brendanseamus_ @debbiejclare @atc_live @cahertyny @velocityrecords

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