This is me and my wonderfully Granny, she’s called Betty....

This is me and my wonderfully Granny, she’s called Betty. She is amazing. She has seen a lot of things in her life, she has seen a lot of change. Her generation can remember a time when there were laws in some places where people were not deemed equal because if the colour of their skin, where civil equality wasn’t a born right, is that not insane to think that it could have been that way, how much things have moved forward (in some places). So when I tell my grandchildren I was alive when two people who were in love couldn’t marry by law because they were of the same gender they will find it as hard to believe too, but I do remember that time, in fact it was only a couple of weeks ago but now it’s in the past, I’m glad i was part of the generation who, for the first time, publicly voted and spoke up to make that change for #equalityforall .History was made in Ireland and it’s example will hopefully resonate far and wide. Northern Ireland next you say?

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