My third week in LA, back from the desert I came after the...

My third week in LA, back from the desert I came after the arrival of Deaf Heaven to the Sargent House Farm where i’d been writing and recording, and back to Los Angeles with it’s crackling electricity and syrupy air, my arrival coincided with that of my little brother Ewen, and he’s helped me take all my ideas and scraps of recordings and turn them into songs this week. He has such an ear for music and a brain for lyrics, he strings words and lines together in minutes to make these beautiful transcendental runes which are simultaneously broad and esoteric, I feel like his apprentice in a switch of roles, it’s great. We make a good team, music in one corner and a word factory in the other, it’s been a week I’ve been very grateful to have with my brother from the same mother.

It’s not all been music, we’ve ventured out too, eaten a lot of Mexican and Japanese food, walked up to the Griffith observatory, found the Bat Cave from the original 1960s Adam West Batman series, we had a drive around where the rich people live, eaten donuts at Mark Trombinos band themed donut shop, Donut Friend (I went for X-Ray Speculoos, other stand outs where Rites of Sprinkles, Poppygandhi, White Chocolate Stripes and GG Almond) and we also went to the insanity which was the NAMM convention in Anaheim. It is, dependant on how you look at it is, the gear nerds paradise or the physical embodiment a panic attack. Musical equipment on a scale I just can’t describe, endless rows of plucking, bashing, blipping and blopping, it was incredible/terrifying but we had been invited down by our friends at Earth Quaker Devices and got to hang out with them, so it was well worth the two hour drive out there, we got to see our buds at Orange and Taylor guitars before all the noise got a little too much and so we ran away bravely. Saw a few celebs too, Deftones, Butch Vig, Stevie Wonder and, wait for it…..

Hulk Hogans daughter.

One more week to go til i leave for Belfast and straight into prep for the approaching ASIWYFA release in May, but more about that soon. We’re leaving for Joshua Tree in a day which should be cool and then back to the Farm for a final push on the musical front. Will post some more pics when I get there.


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